Best SuperSU Alternatives to Get Root Access

SuperSU rooting is the quickest method to get root access without connecting to a PC, and it gives you Root Permission control over the device on which it is installed. SuperSU is an open-source administration and management tool that can also root multiple Android devices. In this article, we will discuss the Best SuperSU Alternatives for Root Access Management. Let us get started!

Some of SuperSU’s key features include Wake on prompt, Superuser access logging and prompt, Ghost mode, Temporary unroot, and Complete unroot. If you need to root your Android device, SuperSU is totally free. You can download it from its official website.

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But what if the model of your device does not support SuperSU? Or, you are facing problems while using SuperSU, and it is unable to root using SuperSU? In this case, it is actually preferable to look for other SuperSu alternatives. Fortunately, multiple root permission apps work just as well as SuperSU, and we will look at some of the best of them today.

Best SuperSU Alternatives to Get Root Access


Today, we also have a guide with us on top alternatives of SuperSU alternatives. So, let’s now find out some best apps for this purpose without even consuming your valuable time.

1. BusyBox Pro

If you are disappointed with system applications and want to get rid of them, BusyBox Pro is the application for you. Services that you cannot delete or remove from your Android devices can be easily installed and uninstalled.
BusyBox Pro is based on Linux commands, which are essentially concentrated in a single application. You can also access all of the settings through the BusyBox Pro. As a result, it is a paid application that is completely ad-free and protects you whenever you use the internet on your device.

2. KingRoot

If you are looking for the best SuperSU alternative, this is a faster and easier rooting application. Then Kingoroot is the app for you because it can root your Android device in minutes.


Because some devices have a locked bootloader, those devices must first unlock the bootloader before attempting to root with this app. Smartphones from Samsung, LG, Redmi, Lenovo, and other manufacturers have high-security designs. You can, however, easily root them with Kingoroot. One of the best and easy SuperSU alternative.

3. Root Booster

If you want to run your applications more smoothly and without any lags, as well as eliminate poor battery life. Then Root Booster is ideal for you. Root booster provides you with the most tried-and-true settings to achieve the best results.

The interface is simple and easy to use; you can quickly apply the best settings for your device’s main components to ensure speed boost, stability boost, or speed boost. Root Booster provides the best settings and is also one of the best SuperSU alternatives.

4. Magisk

With Magisk, you can easily root any Android device without a PC. It makes no difference which Android version you have. It will work. To root your device with Magisk, you must have your phone’s bootloader unlocked and custom recovery installed on your device.


You can also control root access for third-party apps. And we are also talking about Magisk’s best feature. Then you can root your device without having to use Google Play Services. As a result, it is the best SuperSU alternative.

5. Root Checker Pro

You can use this application to determine whether your Android device is rooted or not. This application is extremely simple to use. You can start the tool by installing the software and clicking the check button. This can also be a SuperSu alternative.

If you want, you can also use Root Checker Pro to display device information such as its name and current Android version.

6. One Click Root

If you are looking for a quick, safe, and simple way to root your Android device, look no further. Then One Click Root is the program for you. With this app, you can increase the speed and battery life of your devices while also allowing them to block ads in any app.


You do not even need to be concerned about privacy because One Click Root ensures that everything is done safely and smoothly. In my opinion, you should use this One Click Root instead of SuperSU. Best SuperSU alternative.

7. King Go Root Checker

Many of you are unaware of whether or not you have root access to your device. This app is for those who want to perform a free and quick root check in order to configure proper root access on their Android device. This Root Checker also tells you the model and version of your device. It can also be used as a SuperSU alternative.

However, keep in mind that this application does not root or modify any system files other than to provide you with important information about the root. So, in fact, it is completely safe to use.

8. Advanced Root Checker Pro

Advanced Root Checker Pro is a program that provides rooting services for Android mobile devices. One of its distinguishing features is that it will perform a thorough examination of the device in order to verify the root. Also, check to see if the user’s phone is rooted or not.

The application also provides users with detailed information on the full check that it performed before rooting the devices. Many of you are unaware of whether or not you have root access to your device. This app is for those who want to perform a free and quick root check in order to configure proper root access on their Android device. This Root Checker also tells you the model and version of your device. It can also be used as a SuperSU alternative.

The application provides a lot of information about the rooting process, such as the device name and model, as well as the operating system version. It also contains information on all root management applications as well as potentially dangerous apps.

9. Hack App Data

Hack App Data app is also an advanced data editor that provides features that allow users to edit files saved in their phone’s internal storage through a variety of third-party apps. You can see a list of all available apps at a glance and search for them using the search bar. To locate the desired app in the list.

The Hack App Data app also has an easy-to-use interface with buttons. With a single tap, users can also access the information, preferences, database, files, and app sections from the home screen. In the settings section, you can also change the order of the list based on the first letter of the name or the time of day.

10. BusyBox X Pro

BusyBox X Pro is one of the most reliable and trusted applications for rooting Android devices. The platform includes a live screen that displays the system status to users. It includes the most supported applets that are compatible with most applications.

Users can use the platform to write to external storage and access information about Wi-Fi networks. It also allows users to access the Accounts Service accounts list and open network sockets. It also provides users with access to information about other networks and services for reading from external storage.


So that’s it. You can use these superSU alternatives. If you are facing problems while using SuperSU. In my opinion, Magisk is the best alternative tosuperSU.

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