Google Photos: this update may ruin your data plan

As we know, Google regularly updates and brings new exciting features to its services. Regarding Google Photos, the manufacturers recently added a new feature in Google Photos, which is called the locked folder on other Android Smartphones. Basically, this feature allows you to hide your sensitive photos and videos and remove them from the cloud. This feature should also arrive on IOS soon.

google photos

If you are a regular user of Google Photos, you know that for a long time it has been used to choose whether your videos are downloaded via your smartphone mobile data. By going into application settings and in the Backup and Synchronization tab, you will find another menu labeled Mobile Data Consumption. From here you can choose the daily Backup limit. The options are:

Google Photos daily backup limit:

  • No Data
  • 5 MB
  • 10 MB
  • 30 MB
  • No Limit
  • Roaming Backup

The last option determines, whether or not you want to use your Mobile Data for uploading your Photos and Videos to Google Photos. According to Google, this daily limit was first introduced in March 2019 to give their users the flexibility and control over Mobile Data usage for Daily backups.

And then another app update remove the option, “Use Cellular Data To Save Videos”.So the user has to choose the daily data limit between 5 MB and 30 MB. A decision that can create problems for especially those users who don’t want to download large videos on their data plan.

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So what is this, this change could be a mistake on Google’s Side.

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