How to clear CMOS – reset Bios Guide

how to clear CMOS or Reset BIOS

CMOS is used to help troubleshoot or solve problems related to hardware compatibility related issues. You can also troubleshoot without clearing CMOS, but sometimes clearing the CMOS, bios resetting is a simple and easy solution, to get rid of these problems. Why Clear CMOS You can also reset bios in some other cases as well […]

How to Perform CPU stress test

cpu stress test

The reason behind performing a CPU stress test are many. Maybe you buy a new CPU cooler and want to test the performance of the cooler. Maybe you want to test how well your CPU performs under so much stress. Maybe you want to check that your CPU cooler and heatsink are not performing well, […]

How to Properly Uninstall Video/GPU Drivers

display driver uninstaller - safe mode

We might end up in a condition, where we want to reinstall our video card drivers. Or we buy a new GPU for our pc, and you don’t know how to properly uninstall the previously installed GPU drivers. But not today, we will discuss how to properly uninstall GPU drivers. How to Uninstall GPU drivers […]

How to download youtube videos without using any programs

how to download youtube video without using any software

Downloading videos from youtube requires some third-party programs. What if I told you that you can download youtube videos without using any third-party programs. Yes, it is possible. There are so much software available on market to download youtube videos. But, recently even some websites allow you to download youtube videos with ease. So let’s […]