How to clear CMOS – reset Bios Guide

CMOS is used to help troubleshoot or solve problems related to hardware compatibility related issues. You can also troubleshoot without clearing CMOS, but sometimes clearing the CMOS, bios resetting is a simple and easy solution, to get rid of these problems.

Why Clear CMOS

You can also reset bios in some other cases as well such as when you lost the password of your BIOS. Basically, you can clear CMOS in many scenarios. Such as you changed the wrong BIOS settings, or your PC won’t boot properly, you mangled your BIOS with a failed overclocking step, and resetting the BIOS to its factory default settings can fix all the problems.

If you built a PC yourself then it might be easy for you. A pre-Built PC is a little more tricky to reset BIOS.

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Resetting Your CMOS with a case Button

Some cases come with a CMOS clear button pre-installed, so you don’t have to dis-assembled the pc to reset CMOS. If you see a button on your computer case, labeled as “Clear” or “Reset”, then in most cases, it is used to reset the BIOS. This is one of the easiest methods.

  1. Shit Down your PC.
  2. Disconnect the power outlet from your pc.
  3. locate the CMOS clear button on your case.
  4. Hold the button for 5 to 10 seconds, then release it.
  5. Reconnect your power outlet to your pc.
  6. Now your BIOS is successfully reset. Press the correct key to enter your BIOS settings. Adjust your BIOS settings as necessary. You can also use the option load “optimized defaults”.

Clear your CMOS with Factory Defaults

This is also an easy way to clear your CMOS to factory defaults by resetting the BIOS. To clear the CMOS you have to enter into BIOS setup Utility and choose the option Reset BIOS settings.

The menu option for every motherboard manufacturer is different, every manufacturer has its own way of calling it. They use many phrases for this like reset to default, factory default, clear BIOS, or Load setup defaults..etc. Like hp labeled it as Restore Defaults.


You can see the option at the bottom of the BIOS screen. If you are facing trouble while locating this option. Don’t panic, just follow the following steps:

Write down the model number of your motherboard, you can find the motherboard model in BIOS settings.

Paste the model number into google and after the model number of your motherboard write “reset BIOS”.

so in this way you can find the exact method of resetting the BIOS to factory defaults.

Clear your CMOS With CMOS battery

Another way to rest BIOS is by clear CMOS battery.

First, make sure to unplug your pc from the power outlet. If you are using a laptop make sure to remove the laptop battery first.

Remove the battery for a few minutes and then plug it back in. Close the case or panel and you are done. Your BIOS is successfully reset to factory defaults.

clear cmos

Open your PC or laptop case, and locate the small CMOS battery. On a PC it might look like a standard cell-type battery like you find in small toys and in wristwatches. CELL. In Laptop it is covered inside a special enclosure and connected to the motherboard with a 2-pin connector.

Clear your CMOS using the Motherboard Jumper

Another way to clear the CMOS is by shortening the CMOS jumper on your motherboard. This method only works on most PCs, it does not work on tablet PC.

reset cmos

Start by unplugging the PC from the Power outlet. Locate the jumper, it is mostly labeled as CLRPWD, PASSWORD, or even just CLEAR.

Move the little plastic jumper from 2-pins over to the other pins. Or you can remove the jumper entirely. If you were unable to locate the jumper, make sure to read your motherboard manuals. Remove the jumper for a few minutes and plug the jumper as it was earlier plugged. Restart the PC. and congrats your PC BIOS has successfully reset.

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