How to download youtube videos without using any programs

Downloading videos from youtube requires some third-party programs. What if I told you that you can download youtube videos without using any third-party programs. Yes, it is possible. There is so much software available on market to download youtube videos. But, recently even some websites allow you to download youtube videos with ease.

So let’s talk about some of them.

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1. Video Grabber

Video Grabber is all in one youtube video downloader website, a web-based youtube video downloader that allows users to download videos from various video-sharing platforms such as Youtube, Lynda, Twitter, Twitch, LiveLeak, Vevo, and TED.

As we discussed earlier you have to manually paste the URL of the youtube video, to start downloading. It is a bit different from other downloaders, it provides you a feature of converting video for compatible devices such as Samsung, Huawei, iPad, iPhone, PSP, iPod…etc.

The main feature of this website is that it has an integrated screen recording function, which will save you a lot of time. You no longer need to download another screen capture software. You can easily capture products, and you can even record live streaming videos on youtube.


2. Dirpy – Flexible downloading of audio and video is a very easy-to-use and flexible website for downloading youtube videos. All you have to do is just paste the link and you are good to go. This website also gives you some flexibility to choose what to download audio in MP3 or video + Audio in MP4…etc

You can even choose where the audio download starts from. So make sure to check this website.

youtube video download dirpy

3. Keepvid – Various video and audio formats works the same as the above website works. You have to manually insert the link of the youtube video you want to download.

The difference between others and Keepvid is the following.

A wide variety of audio and video formats. like Mp4, 3GP, WebM, MP3..etc.

The downside is that the speed is not good as compared to others.


4. Savemedia – Various Formats, Good Speed is another very popular video download website. This website is different from others. If we say this is a hybrid then it would not be wrong. It combines the characteristics of some websites. Multiple audio formats + Good speed. So this is the best website overall, with respect to speed or availability of various formats.

5. ClipConverter.CC is a powerful online video downloader, You can use this website to download youtube videos, but it does not stop here it also enables us to download videos on other websites also. It supports resolutions up to 1080p, 4k, and even 8k. This is a very good feature in my opinion.

You can directly convert videos into various formats. It also provides the facility of extracting audio from videos directly. All these features make ClipConverter.CC is a good website for downloading high-resolution videos.

It does not stop here, ClipConverter also has an Addon for Firefox, Chrome, and safari.

youtube video download clipconverter

6. Y2mate

Y2mate is one of the most rapidly growing youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Youku…etc video downloading websites. y2mate gives users the functionality to download and convert video and audio into multiple formats.

Y2mate provides two ways for its users to download online videos from multiple sites.

One way is to copy the URL of the video manually to start to download youtube videos. Which is a traditional way of downloading videos.

The other way is a bit interesting. You have to put two letters “pp” after the word “youtube” in the link address line, then it will automatically redirect you to the downloading page. In this way, you can speed up the process of downloading a bunch of youtube videos.

It is totally free and provides unlimited downloads and there are no restrictions on how much you download youtube videos.

7. CatchVideo

If you want a simple and minimalistic online screen recording website, without any extra confusing features, then CatchVideo is a good option for you to download youtube videos. The major benefit of using this website is it has a very clean and eye-catchy UI. It is very easy to understand for a beginner, how to download youtube videos.

It also comes with an extension, so you can save much time by installing the extension. The downloading process is very easy. Just copy the URL of the youtube video, paste the URL, and click on your required video resolution, then it will download the youtube video as soon as you click the download button.

It is available, on multiple platforms such as Windows, MAC, Linus, or any other platforms, as it is a web-based application. But, it only supports videos not higher than 720p, I mean to say that, if you put the URL of the 4K video in it, then it will download the video in 720p eventually.

8. SnapTube

This is another user-friendly tool that enables you to download YouTube videos in various formats and resolutions. Some of the popular formats that this tool supports are MP4, M4A, and MP3. This tool is available just for Android devices. In order to download youtube videos, you have to download the APK. This tool enables you to download videos from all popular websites including YouTube.

9. YT Cutter

Sometimes, we do not need the entire video, we just want some clips of it. While there are a handful of tools that allows you to trim videos, YT cutter enables you to download the bit clips in various formats. With this tool, you can also download files in the form of GIFs. But if you only want to deal in GIFs, then it’s recommended to use some other tool.

10. YTOffline

It is ready to use YouTube video downloader that allows you to save and download videos directly from youtube. You don’t need to install any app or software to download youtube videos. All you have to do is just copy and paste the URL on the extension and click the Go button to download youtube videos and things are done. As soon as the processing finishes, your video will be downloaded. Press the download button and save your video on your pc.

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