How to Perform CPU stress test

The reason behind performing a CPU stress test are many. Maybe you buy a new CPU cooler and want to test the performance of the cooler. Maybe you want to test how well your CPU performs under so much stress. Maybe you want to check that your CPU cooler and heatsink are not performing well, you need to run this stress before replacing the CPU cooler. In fact, there are many conditions where you need to perform a CPU stress test.

For a CPU stress test, you need some software and a good knowledge of computer hardware.

Firstly you will need a good CPU cooler. You can also use a stock cooler (Comes with the processor). But I will recommend using some custom cooler from a well-known brand such as Coolermaster, corsair…etc.

So if you are wondering why I am recommending a good cooler. The reason is that during stress tests the CPU reaches a very high temperature. Also, make sure to use some good thermal paste.

Don’t be afraid of this test. This test is completely safe. It will not damage the component of your PC system. Actually, there is no need to worry about it, Computer systems are made in such a way that, if it exceeds a certain amount of temperature the CPU downgrades its performance, or if the temperature goes out of control, then the CPU shutdown suddenly, to prevent from damaging the PC components.

So the software that is used for CPU stress tests is AIDA64 and Prime95..etc.

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How to perform CPU stress test – AIDA64

AIDA64 is a famous tool for stress testing. Unlike other tools AIDA64 is not free to use, I mean trial version is also available. But it is geared more towards engineers, IT professionals, and enthusiasts. Instead of purely stressing the CPU like Prime95, it stimulates a more realistic workload on the CPU, that a CPU is likely to have. This is excellent for Workstations and servers that are meant for sustained, High-performance loads.

Download the AIDA64 from here. After downloading, and installing the program, the installation steps are very straightforward. When you open the AIDA64, it will give you the main window. And in the main window, these are basically just diagnostic information.

You can go and look at different dropdowns and see detailed information about your pc peripherals. Now how to do a stress test. Just click on the little icon.

cpu stress test

Which is labeled as a system stability test. This is the stress test that tells us how our computer performs under full load. For stress tests just click the start button on the bottom left side of the window.

How to perform CPU stress test – Prime95

Prime95 is one of the most famous and well-known CPU stress testing programs. It was developed as a part of (GIMPS), in which the CPU is used to find large prime numbers. Prime95 is basically an excellent way to test what your CPU is capable of.

You can perform different tests, depending on what you are trying to test. The smallest FFTs which stands for Fast Fourier Transformers can be a good option to check if there is an issue with your Cooler or CPU.

The Large FFTs which stands for Fast Fourier Transformers will be used to do an extreme stress test. On the other hand for RAM testing blended tests can be performed.

You can download this on, and make sure to download it for the proper operating system.

After downloading and unzipping the file you can simply run the prime95. When you run the prime95, a small windows dialog box opens, which says you to join the program, which is trying to find insanely large, or in simple words, it is saying using the program for stress testing.

Just click on the stress testing. After this, another dialog box opened, where you have to select stress test. While running prime95, I will recommend you keep an eye on your temperature.

You can also perform a stress test on the CPU after overclocking. Usually, MSI motherboards are good for overclocking. See this MSI H97 Gaming 3 Motherboard review.

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