Websites To Download Cracked Apps For Android Store

When it comes to Download Free Cracked Apps For the Android store, there are a lot of websites on the internet for this purpose. Most of them are fake and may contain viruses. But in this article, I will tell you some of the most demanding and trustable websites, where you can download cracked apps for android for free. I highly recommended you to visit these websites if you are looking for Paid/Modded games and apps for android free.

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These websites regularly update their apps, which is really awesome.

So let’s check these amazing sites.

Cracked Apps For Android Store



RevDL is one of the most famous and top-rated websites for downloading cracked apps and games for android. You can download your desired app without any issues. They hosted their site on a cloud hosting server. So the downloading speed is stable and good.

If you face any issues while browsing this website, you can use VPN to browse the website. Because this website is blocked on regular basis due to copyright claims.



At first, it might seem that this is the same website that we discussed earlier. But take a look at the Domain name of the website. The above one is RevDl and this one is RexDL. You picked the difference I hope.

RexDL is another website for android apps free. Most of the apps they offers are free of charge.

APK Pure


You may hear the name APK Pure before. This website gains attention very quickly, due to its simple look and catchy design. One of the main features of this website is QR code service for each and every application available for dowload.

Other features are less span, Sorry correction, No spam at all. A good secure line for downloading android apps free. Fast release for updates. A wide range of applications including old versions of APK also. These features make this website well in its category.



APK4Free helps students to get the premium versions of their desired applications. There might be many websites, but APK4Free has been in this field for a quite long time. They update their apps at regular intervals. So you won’t face any issues while getting the latest version of the desired APK.


iHackedIt is your best choice for downloading Android Games, Apps, and Hacks for free of cost. They also stepped into Android cracking/hacking, they are also releasing iOS cracked/hacked apps, and games since 2010. So you can also check this site to download apps for android.

Cracked APK


CrackedAPK is also one of the best websites, where you can search for many of the current trending apps or games. And easily downloadable online APK files for free of cost. So you don’t need to spend or waste your money to buy/purchase or pay for any app. This is a good choice for downloading apps for android free.

AC Market


AC MARKET has been one of the best sites with a greater user interface. If you want to download a cracked APK directly this site is better and best with an inbuilt application. It also comes with an android app. so you directly install APK into your smartphone and it will also automatically update the apps to their latest versions. This is a good choice for downloading apps for android free.


APKmb™ Is Specially Designed For Sharing Every Apps & game on Android Fully Free. In This Site, You Can Direct Download All Types of Android Mobile Apps, Games, launchers Etc To Your Mobile Without Any Ads. This is a good choice for downloading apps for android free.



GetAPK comes with some handy features. Simple to use, best for beginners. The design is simple and not complicated at all. Directly download APK, you can either download them or install them and store them on your device without installing them. A variety of categories are available, select the app as per your desired categories. The latest update will be sent to the app automatically. Directly share the app with anyone, even on third-party apps. This is a good choice for downloading apps for android free.

APK Real


As we found new and new exciting websites for this category we add the website to this list. We have been constantly updating this list from time to time for providing better-cracked websites. Next to the list, we have added the Apkreal site. You can also check this site to download apps for android free without paying. It has a bigger fan page and ranking over the google page. This is a good choice for downloading apps for android free.

On Hax


OnHAX is the top best site to download apps for android. It can be used to download any app or game to get the premium version. The site doesn’t charge any amount to download the cracked applications. It’s completely free of cost to download. If you need more information about this site just visit the Link to download apps for android free. This is a good choice for downloading apps for android free.



Blackmart Alpha is an alternative to the Google Play Store for tablets and smartphones with an Android operating system, with Blackmart you can download many applications, without the need to have an account, and Google without the need for any kind of registration. Here you can download many apps like Mx player pro APK, Games, Lucky patcher, etc. This is a good choice for downloading apps for android free.

  • All the applications and games on Blackmart Alpha can be downloaded much quicker.
  • All the applications are full versions and they’re not trial versions.
  • Never says the Blackmark Alpha, “your device doesn’t support this app.” Instead, you can simply download and install those apps which may later not run.
  • But then Blackmart Alpha is a solution by providing multiple versions of the same application available, and you can upgrade your applications with the version of your own choice.
  • It supports the Multilingual function show it uses worldwide.
  • Download the Premium version APK For free.
  • Fast in downloading and installation of ‘application
  • Save apps and game files on your Sd card.
  • Not Required Sign up which means no need for any Google account or email.
  • It contains tons of apps and chooses them browsing by category wise.
  • Blackmart Alpha is Continuously updating, So you can enjoy the updated app.

Like with any product, an app requires the developers’ time, effort, and money (cost) which he spends for the sake of making money (in some cases it is the primary or only source of livelihood for them).

If everyone starts using pirated apps, the developers will run out of business (most of them already make very little money) and you won’t find innovation going forward.

Most paid apps are already very cheap. It would be nice if you spend your time trying to do productive things and buy the apps that will help with your requirements, instead of hunting for stolen products on the internet (which can also potentially harm your device).

Downloading cracked apps is both illegal and unethical. All the effort a developer puts into an app only pays off by the users buying it and that’s all. If you don’t buy it means no revenue for them.

So Above Mentioned sites are not owned by us. We just share for educational purpose. We are not responsible for any kind of risk happened from the above-mentioned site.

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